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BRUNO BOCK manufactures high quality Sulfur Chemicals considering workers and plant safety, quality of our products and Services, product safety, protection of the environment and economics. To sustain this we have implemented an integrated management system according ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and regulations for plant safety. To view the original certificates click on the respective link.

One of our foremost goals and commitments is to provide unmatched quality products and undivided dedication to our customers by means of a continuous improvement process within our Quality Program.  Our quality control laboratory is equipped with state of the art instruments and with a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). To improve our service we have established an application technology laboratory as Technical Service Center.

Evans Chemetics Today

Main Building Waterloo New York Site

EVANS CHEMETICS manufactures ORGANIC DIVALENT SULFUR CHEMICALS and is with its parent company BRUNO BOCK the worldwide leading producer of Thioglycolic Acid, CAS# 68-11-1, and Mercaptopropionic Acid, CAS# 107-96-0, and their derivitives.

Additionally Thiodipropionic Acid, CAS# 111-17-1, and its esters are produced as antioxidants.

EVANS CHEMETICS also manufactures a number of specialty sulfur chemicals being the worldwide leading producer of Thioglycerol, CAS# 96-27-5, 2-Sulfoethyl Methacrylate, CAS# 10595-80-9, and others. Our products find applications in hair care, cosmetics, food packaging, food additive, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and many other uses.

EVANS CHEMETICS acts also as US distributor of those products only manufactured by BRUNO BOCK in Germany such as Calcium Thioglycolate, Potassium Thioglycolate, Thiolactic Acid, Ammonium Thiolactate, etc..

One of our foremost goals and commitments is to provide unmatched quality products and undivided dedication to our customers. Our product line is flexible and reliable. To sustain our products, we are continuously driven to develop better qualities with improved processes, under strict controls and compatible with our environment.

EVANS CHEMETICS maintains an innovative, lean and highly skilled organization and has a long history in the global marketplace of successful and steady relationships with its valued and esteemed customers.

To achieve these goals we have implemented a quality assurance system and regulations for plant safety.

Our modern and partly automated production plants in our production site in 228 Main Street, Waterloo, New York 13165, are certified according ISO 9001:2015 to guarantee the best quality and high efficiency. To view the certificate click here.

During the last years the plants for the production of Thioglycolic Acid, 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid as well as the site's infrastructure like waste water treatment plant have been expanded and renewed. With investments into a new steam boiler, new vaccuum systems and electric motors we have increased our energy efficiency significantly.

Also Workers' and plant safety have been improved significantly to secure the ability to fulfill the demand of our customers at any time.

Due to the wide range of applications in which our products are used we usually develop specialties for special applications in close cooperation with our mother company BRUNO BOCK and customers / business partners, if necessary under secrecy agreements.