Social Activities

EVANS CHEMETICS Waterloo site proudly supports many local organizations. As part of a small community, we pride ourselves in being an active contributor to many school programs, youth groups, and recreation centers as well as sponsor events to help support local nursing homes, hospitals and fire departments.

In addition, we also support the Habitat for Humanity as well as the Literacy Volunteer Program.

Waterloo is the birthplace of Memorial Day, a national holiday honoring military veterans that served our country. We help sponsor the community Memorial Day celebration, which attracts many visitors throughout the upstate New York region.

Home for elderly People in Marschacht
Kindergarten in Lueneburg

BRUNO BOCK in Marschacht, Germany, supports many social projects, amongst others youth groups of local firebrigades, nursery schools with playing ground equipment, schools, cultural facilities etc. in the vicinity of our site.

In addition the Bruno Bock foundation supports distressed people in the Elbmarsch, the area around Marschacht.

The founder Bruno Bock facilitated with a large donation 1994/5 the construction of a home for elderly people which was expanded in 1998 under the supervision of his son Günther Bock by a home for assisted living for elderly people.

The Marianne Bock Foundation acquired several houses as homes for single mothers in Lueneburg and established in 1994 a kindergarten.