Our main products are Mercaptocarboxylic Acids:

-                      THIOGLYCOLIC ACID (Mercaptoacetic Acid); CAS# 68-11-1

-                      THIOLACTIC ACID (2-Mercaptopropionic Acid), CAS# 79-42-5

-                      3-MERCAPTOPROPIONIC ACID, CAS# 107-96-0

-                      THIODIGLYCOLIC ACID (2,2-Thiodiacetic Acid), CAS# 123-93-3

-                      and their derivatives like Esters and Salts 

For these products BRUNO BOCK is the leading producer and supplier worldwide. The main applications for our Thiols based on the reactivity of the SH-group are:


THIOGLYCOLATES and THIOLACTATES are active ingredients for cold wave formulations (hair perms), hair straighteners and depilatories.


Esters of the THIOGLYCOLIC ACID like 2-Ethylhexyl Thioglycolate ( 2-Ethylhexyl Mercaptoacetate ) and those of 3-MERCAPTOPROPIONIC ACID are basic materials for the synthesis of  PVC heat stabilizers (organotin/sulfur stabilizers).


THIOGLYCOLIC ACID and its esters are used as chain transfer agent in polymerization processes of Polyacrylates or Polymethacrylates in aquous or solvent systems. 3-MERCAPTOPROPIONIC ACID is used as cocatalyst in the production of Bisphenol A, the precursor of Polycarbonate.

3-MERCAPTOPROPIONIC ACID is used as cocatalyst in the manufacture of Bishenol A, a main raw material for the production of Polycarbonate

The range of  THIOCURE® POLYTHIOLS can be used as crosslinking agents for polymethacrylates or polythiourethanes with high optical density, as curing agents for epoxy-resins, e.g. fast cure epoxies, in unsaturated systems in the Thiol-ene reaction, and in radiation curable adhesives or coatings for surface protection. UV curing systems like UV cured Coatings are introduced into the market. To strengthen our customer support in the coatings industry we have invested into an Application Technology Laboratory.

Another development focus is on new THIOCURE® POLYTHIOLS as optical monomers for high refractive index optical polymers for optical lenses and adhesives. If you are interested in these products please contact us.


THIOGLYCOLIC ACID and its alkali salts like SODIUM THIOGLYCOLATE, CAS# 367-51-1, are also used for dehairing animal hides and for leather tanning.


The anticorrosive properties of THIOGLYCOLIC ACID is used in watertreatment chemicals or in oilfield chemicals, here in particular Thioglycolic Acid or its salt AMMONIUM THIOGLYCOLATE, CAS# 5421-46-5,  in down-hole applications (drilling muds).


Also for cleaners for metal surfaces THIOGLYCOLIC ACID can be useful as also THIOLACTIC ACID. This includes "derouging" of stainless steel eqipment in ultrapur water systems.

Also for rim cleaning THIOGLYCOLIC ACID in form of SODIUM THIOGLYCOLATE, CAS# 367-51-1, solution show excellent dirt/rust removal properties as also the iron dust is dissolved due to the iron chelating properties.


THIODIGLYCOLIC ACID and its derivatives are suitable as antioxidants for polyolefines, additives for electroplating, low temperature plasticizers for synthetic rubber and as intermediates for various organic syntheses like for example polythiophenes.