Optical Resins

Glasses, high index (l) vs. low index (r)

Since many year Polythiols are used as optical monomers in the manufacture of polythiourethanes for lenses/glasses with high refractive index. The larger the sulfur share of the moleculor weight is the higher is the refractive index.

These high index and ultratransparent polymers are used to manufacture high end glasses.

BRUNO BOCK manufactures a number of Polythiols such as the classic  THIOCURE® PETMP, CAS#  7575-23-7, with a refractive index of 1,53, which currently is used for the manufacture of a polymer with a refractive index of 1,60.

Other applications for these Polythiols with high refractive index are High Index Coatings or High Index adhesives.

Additionally Polymercaptanes with high refractive index are available which show a higher hydrolysis stability than the classic esters like THIOCURE®PETMP. Should you be interested in more information do not hesitate to contact us and ask for the bifunctional THIOCURE® DMDS or trifunktional THIOCURE® DMPT.

Our Polythiols are of high purity, colorless and show a low viscosity.



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