Methylene bis(butylthioglycolate)

CAS# 14338-82-0, EC# 238-289-2


Methylene Bis(Butylthioglycolate), or MBT-Ester, is used as rubber chemical to flexibilizer. Due to its low volatility and high flexibilisation properties it is used in V-belts in a temperature range from -40 to +140°C as well as in rubber belts and other technical articles

Production facilities

As leading producer of Methylene Bis(Butylthioglycolate) BRUNO BOCK and EVANS CHEMETICS are providing state of the art quality from their production facility in Marschacht, Germany (near Hamburg), and excellent customer service from their sales offices in Marschacht and Teaneck, New Jersey, in the USA.

Methylene Bis(Butylthioglycolate)

Methylene Bis(Butylthioglycolate)


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    Methylene Bis(Butylthioglycolate)