Sodium Thioglycolate

(Sodium Mercaptoacetate) CAS# 367-51-1, EC# 206-696-4


Sodium Thioglycolate's unique reducing properties together with the Thioglycolate's ability to form rather stable metal complexes especially with iron enhance the formulation of cleaners for metal cleaning or auto rim cleaning.

The same properties can be useful in Oilfield Chemicals.

On the other hand the SH-group of the Thioglycolate opens the sulfur bridges in the ceratine structure of hair. Therefore it is used in Leather Chemical formulations for dehairing of animal hides.

The reducing properties of Sodiumthioglycolate 98 % powder suit the application in anaerobic culture media.

Production Facilities

As leading producers of Sodium Thioglycolate BRUNO BOCK and EVANS CHEMETICS are providing state of the art quality from their production facilities in Marschacht, Germany (near Hamburg), and Waterloo New York, USA and excellent customer service from their sales offices in Marschacht and Teaneck, New Jersey, in the USA.


Sodium Thioglycolate is produced by BRUNO BOCK and EVANS CHEMETICS in various concentrations. A low odor version with a concentration of 46 % is also available

It is used in:

Sodium Thioglycolate 98 % is used as nutrition aid on anaerobic biological nutrient media. It is produced as powder and packed in 1 kg glassbottles under nitrogen as it is very sensitive to oxygen and moisture.  

Sodium Thioglycolate

Product Name



Sodium Thioglycolate23 %
46 %
46 % l.o.
98 %
only bulk delivery in Europe

low odor


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    Sodium Thioglycolate
  • 23 %
  • 46 %
  • 46 % l.o.
  • 98 % powder